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TERMINALFOUR (T4) is VCU's official web content management system (CMS).  To obtain an account and use T4, please contact the T4 Administrator.

Supported Browsers for T4: Internet Explorer 6-9, Firefox 3-16, Chrome 23, Safari 5, and Opera 12. Cookies need to be enabled for the T4 Site Manager to work.  Additionally, JavaScript must be enabled.


What is TerminalFour?

TERMINALFOUR is a developer and provider of content management systems (CMS) and services. It specializes in providing WCMS to educational institutions, government, and international bodies. As VCU’s official CMS, Technology Services is responsible for administering the system.

What is a CMS?

Also known as a content management systems, a CMS is a web application that gives users the ability to edit website content without advanced HTML/Web-authoring knowledge.

Why TerminalFour?

TerminalFour was created with higher education in mind. Because of this, T4 is uniquely positioned to fulfill the robust and technical needs of VCU’s ever-expanding community.

Should I move my website into T4?

It depends. If any of the following would benefit your current website, please contact the T4Admin for more information.

  • allow non-technical users to easily update website content
  • allow website content updates from any computer with an internet connection
  • organize images and files (i.e. pdf documents)
  • archive and version older pages for easy restoration
  • allow administrators to create publishing workflows, (i.e. person A can edit and send to person B for approval and publishing).
What server is TerminalFour on?

All TerminalFour websites are pre-approved for VCU's Jupiter server. Jupiter features multiple redundancies to ensure uptime even in the worst conditions. If you wish to be hosted elsewhere, you will need prior approval. Contact

Are we upgrading to version 8?

Yes! See this PDF for when and how.

T4v8 Presentation

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