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We provide a wide range of voice services for faculty/staff and students spanning both the Monroe Park and MCV Campus'. 

For information on our services including guides and general information select any of the links below.   

New Voice Mail Platform - Action Required

VCU Telecom is pleased to announce that we are replacing our Avaya voicemail system with the AVST CX voice messaging system.  Please click on the link above for information and instructions to set up your new mailbox


VCU Telecommunications telephone service has a 99.9% availability.  However, in the event of a major service outage departments should prepare a continuity plan to insure some level of communication is possible.  Such a plan could include the use of cell phones and/or FAX lines.

 24/7 Trouble Reporting 828-2227 (press option 2).  Reach us during business hours at the same number.