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How to upload and view webpages

To upload webpages to your Ramsite (the web server), use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program like Filezilla.  We do not support PHP or ASP on Ramsites.

How to use Filezilla

Please visit the Filezilla Set-Up Instructions for more information on how to use the FTP program.

How to use Dreamweaver

You may use Dreamweaver to create, manage, and upload your webpages. You must enter the FTP Host ( and the Host Directory (public_html/) in the FTP section of the Remote Info section of the Edit option. This allows you to "Get Files" and "Put Files" on the server.

How to view your webpage

The URL address for your webpage is[userid]/index.html

  • The "[userid]" is your log-in ID.
  • The "index.html" is the file name of your homepage.

Note: in order for browsers to render and display HTML documents, the "filename" must end in ".html" (or .htm).  If a filename is missing, the browser will look for a file named "index.html."

Databases and CGI scripts

  • Databases are unavailable for use with student webpages.
  • CGI scripts are unavailable

This article was updated: 06/7/2016