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Web Publishing

VCU provides multiple ways for students, faculty, and staff to publish information on the web via webpages, blogs, wikis, iTunes, and video. Small Change. 

Website creation

To make website creation and maintenance easier, VCU implemented the TERMINALFOUR Web Content Management System (T4) in 2013.  Using TERMINALFOUR a department can manage their website and content from a web based platform, establish editing roles, and content publishing workflows. 

The majority of VCU's websites run on the web server (Apache Linux system) which supports standard HTML-based web pages and CGI-scripting.  VCU supports HTML, PHP, and ASP.Net servers.

To request server space for a website, please complete a Web Request form by clicking here.


Computer usage at VCU is governed by the Computer and Network Resources Use Policy and VCU's Web Publishing Guidelines.