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Request a department or group blog

With WordPress, VCU’s blogging platform, departments and other school units can create new blogs on their own (learn how). However, if your desired blog name is in the list of keywords at or appears in one of the URLs at, you will have to request your new blog using the form below.

Important: Be sure you have created a VCU WordPress account for yourself before submitting this form. You can create a VCU WordPress account by logging in at with your eID and password. When the departmental or group blog is created as requested below, you will be designated the administrator for the new blog.

Please complete the entire form; only valid VCU email addresses are accepted. Once your non-personal blog has been created and built, you can submit the link for inclusion in VCU’s A–Z Web Directory at

Special Blog and URL Request Form

Blog Information


This article was updated: 09/3/2014

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