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Web Analytics

Technology Services has configured Piwik as a replacement for the previous website analytics software Urchin.  The Urchin analytics software has been given a projected decommission timeframe of summer 2017. Additional detailed communications will be sent to the Web Users Group listserv and posted on the Web Services blog as we get closer to the date.


Who’s visiting your site? Use Piwik to find out! Piwik is VCU’s internally hosted website analytics software that allows users to dig into your website’s statistics to figure out such things as what pages are the most popular and when.

Prior to capturing statistics, Piwik requires configuration by including a small javascript tracking snippet in the body of every webpage. This is typically added by including the snippet of code in a website’s template. For web applications that do not allow for customization of template code, Piwik also offers an alternative to have server logs imported in for analysis (more configuration is required and is dependent on the format and delivery method).

If you’re a departmental or organizational webmaster, you can request a Piwik profile and javascript tracking snippet by submitting a Service Desk ticket. Be sure to include a list of the sites you manage in the help ticket!

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