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 A university-wide agreement for the DocuSign electronic signature service has been established.

DocuSign allows active VCU students, faculty, staff and affiliates to receive, complete and sign documents securely with automated workflow.  DocuSign is a cloud-based application that provides an audit trail of signatures and can be accessed from anytime and anywhere on most devices.


Key Benefits & Features


  • Electronic Signatures - Signing with DocuSign is faster, safer and more accessible than using traditional “wet” signatures.
  • Legally Binding - Electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States and most countries around the world. The ESIGN Act of 2000 defined the legality and enforceability of electronic signatures across all 50 states. The ESIGN Act ensures that contracts and signatures cannot be denied validity or enforceability because they are in electronic form.  In Virginia state law, the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act supports the use of electronic records and electronic signatures for transactions between parties each of which has agreed to conduct transactions by electronic means.  VCU's agreement is shown to each new recipient in DocuSign.  The recipient must read and agree to the VCU terms before viewing or taking action on the documents sent them.
  • Mobile Friendly - If you are using an iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows device, download an easy-to-use app so you can create, tag, send and sign documents on the fly. Even if you don’t have a DocuSign mobile app installed, you can easily sign documents from your mobile web browser.
  • PowerForms - PowerForms let your department generate on demand, self-service documents for signature. This helps eliminate document preparation time and easily pulls the data you collect into existing applications.
  • Systems Integration - Enables departments to download envelopes, documents and data from DocuSign for use with other University systems.  Connect is a push web service.  Retrieve is a windows-based retrieval tool.
  • Templates - Prepare documents for rapid sending with reusable templates that save tags and field placement, workflow routing, and other settings. Templates standardize processes, reduce preparation time and enable end-to-end automation.




Three implementation projects are currently under way and scheduled to go live in Spring 2017:

  • Athletics
  • Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention
  • Office of Research - Sponsored Programs

After completing these implementations, the VCU DocuSign Support team's project support services will be available to other departments.  Questions, project requests and suggestions are welcomed at