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Transfer Existing Video Content

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NOTE: This only applies to media files on and the server will be decommissioned due to hardware failures. Most videos on are old and of poor quality by today’s standards.  As such there will not be an automatic migration to Kaltura. You must retrieve your files from before June 30, 2016.  Once you have your files, you can migrate at any time.

Downloading files from

[If you already have the media files on your desktop, you should skip to the section called “Uploading to Kaltura” ]

  1. Log into using FileZilla or other SFTP client.  If you do not remember your password, go to

  2. Transfer the files to your desktop (make sure you remember the location)

Playing your media files

  1. Before May 1st you can visit the appropriate site on to view or listen to your media files.  This option will be unavailable after May 1st.

  2. If you have downloaded your media files (see previous section), we recommend using the VLC media player.  You can download it from

Uploading to Kaltura

  1. In your web browser, go to

  2. Click the link “Login to Kaltura”

  3. Enter your VCU eID and password

  4. Under the “Add New” drop down, click “Media Upload”

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

 If you need help, submit a ServiceDesk ticket