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Echo 360

Echo360 is a system that captures class lectures and allows faculty to perform personal capture from their work or home computers.  The system converts the captures into podcasts, video, rich media, and more; it also allows students to playback captures on demand from links in Blackboard courses or from links sent in Email.  Echo360 Classroom Capture appliances and Personal Capture (PCAP) software provides an interface for lectures to be captured, packaged, and published.

With Hardware Capture, you can capture full motion from any VGA, DVI or HDMI-compliant enabled device, like document cameras, smart boards, and computers.  Live Streaming to remote students is available if Hardware is High Definition capable.

Please review the links listed below to see examples of Echo360 presentations. The examples also explain the benefits of using a Lecture Capture and the Flipped Classroom.

Flipped Classroom - 3 Year Study Pharmacy: Dr. Russell J. Mumper

The Future of Fearless Teaching and Student Success: Dr. Perry Samson


Key Features of Echo360


This article was updated: 12/2/2014