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Select your campus below to see the available resources in classrooms supported by Academic Technologies. 


Monroe Park


 Many teaching spaces on both the Monroe Park Campus and MCV Campus are equipped with multimedia presentation devices for use in classroom instruction, all operated via centralized remote control systems. Academic Technologies Classroom support group supports the equipment located in general-purpose, centrally scheduled classrooms (those scheduled through the Registrar's office for use by all departments). Classrooms owned exclusively by one department are serviced by that department.

Standard Presentation Classrooms

In most of our standard classrooms,  you'll find a podium equipped with all the controls you need to operate all the devices in the room.  The standard mini-podium features a PC with the ability to play DVDs and PowerPoint slides and/or access the internet for content.  The computer monitor is mounted on an articulated arm for easy movement and adjustments. There is also a Document Camera located on the side of the podium allowing presentation of handwritten notes, 3D objects or other physical content. You'll also find an auxiliary interface that will allow you to connect your devices that use HDMI*, VGA, system audio output, power and a network jack.  The entire system is easily controlled by the control panel located on the podium. 

Lecture Halls

In addition to the capabilities found in standard classrooms, most lecture halls on campus are outfitted with a large podium that have 2 monitors on articulated arms, wireless microphone recievers** and larger projectors to accommodate a larger classroom environment.    Some addition capabilities are also available in specific rooms such as Dual Projection, In-Class system cameras for use with classroom capture and/or Video Teleconferencing, Blu Ray players among others.  See specific room pages for details.

*Notes about HDMI

HDMI is our standard Digital input.  If your device does not have an HDMI output for digital transport, you'll need to provide your own adapter.   Many adapters can be found at VCU's new RamTech store.

HDMI inputs are prolific throughout our campus and being added to all Centrally Supported classrooms on campus.    If you are unsure if your classroom will have a digital input, please call our classroom support team at 828-1098.

** Wireless microphones can be checked out by instructors through VCU Technology Services HelpIT Center