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Koti Server - Unix

 Coming Soon!  Koti will be upgraded to new hardware this summer!

The new server will be:

  • HP ProLiant DL585 G7    
  • 4  - AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6380 (2500MHz, cores=16 each)
    • Total cores = 64
  • Memory:  384GB
  • Operating System: REDHat Enterprise 6

If you would like to participate in testing the new server, email

Koti is a Solaris server for users of SAS and compilers. 

Because this server may be used with sensitive data such as HIPAA data, off campus access requires a VPN.


Accounts on are available for current VCU faculty, staff, students and affiliates who need to use SAS, compilers or IMSL for non-commercial research on a central server.

To request an account on

Student and affiliate accounts:

  • Students and affiliates must have a current VCU eID.
  • Faculty/staff sponsorship is required for students or affiliates.
  • Students and affiliates will be required to enter a current VCU faculty/staff member's contact information to sponsor their Koti account.  The sponsoring VCU faculty/staff will be contacted to verify sponsorship. Student and affiliate accounts cannot be created until sponsorship is verified.
  • Collaborators (e.g. for multi-site studies), who are not VCU employees, must have a VCU HR representative create an eID for them as a VCU affiliate. See: VCU Affiliate User Guide.
    Note: Affiliates must be renewed each year in order to ensure access remains for those still affiliated with the University.

Connections to  

 Access to requires a secure connection.  Please see Logging In To Koti for more information. 




Each Koti account is provided an initial storage allocation of 50GB.    

If you still require additional space, please email with a request stating how much additional space you are requesting and a justification as to why the space is required. If there is additional storage available from the HEETF grant, space may be provided at no additional cost.  If not, then additional research storage space can be obtained from the UCC via a Service Level Agreement (SLA) at the prevailing rate.  (Rate as of 10/2012 is $4,000/TB.)  Since we can't guarantee that we will have grant funding for additional space in the future, please budget accordingly.

If you plan to add quantities of greater than 25 GB in a short period of time, please email so that adequate space can be allocated.

The storage space on is a valuable resource.

  • Please cleanup files you no longer need. 
  • Research storage space is NOT to be used for desktop backups.

 If you need to collaborate with other Koti account holders, shared storage space can be created upon request.

Server Specifications:

  • Sun Fire X4600 x64server
  • 8x AMD Opteron Model 885 processor
  • 16x 2GB DDR1-400 memory

How do backups work for Koti?

  • Files on Koti are incrementally backed up.  That means:
    • When a file is created, a backup copy is made within a day.
    • Once a day the file is checked to see if it has changed since the last backup.  
      If so, a new backup copy is created.  
    • Up to 6 daily versions will be stored on backup.  
      If 6 backups exist when a new backup is created, then the oldest backup is deleted when the new backup is made.
  • After 30 days of no file updates:
    • Only the last/most current backup is retained.
    • All other previous/older backup versions are deleted.
  • If the backup process determines that a file previously backed up has been deleted:
    • The last/most current backup is retained for 120 days.
    • All other previous/older backup versions are deleted.   

This article was updated: 03/30/2015

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