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App2Go Citrix® Server


The App2Go Server consists of high cost statistical and mathematical applications that were installed and are managed on a Citrix Presentation Server. When you run an application on the server, the application appears to be running on your local computer. You can open and save files on your computer and print on your local printer.

VCU faculty, staff  and students can access most of the applications from any location via clients on the Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.  Your computer must have a fast Internet connection (e.g., on-campus network, cable modem, or DSL).  The App2Go server is licensed to support a maximum of 50 concurrent users, limiting access to 50 people at one time.

Note: The App2Go server is NOT intended for use with sensitive data.   Sensitive data should be de-identified before using it on this server.

 Why Use the App2Go Server?

Using applications on the App2Go Citrix Server has several advantages:

  • It saves you money. You don't need to purchase a license because it is licensed on the server.
  • It saves you time. You don't need to spend time installing, patching and upgrading the applications.  Just login to the App2Go server and use them.
  • It provides access to some statistical and mathematical software packages that are not included in campus wide licenses, such as AMOS and Stata.
  • You can use the applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux clients.
  • It enables Mac and Linux users to run applications that may not be available on the Mac or Linux platforms.

 Request an Account

You need an account on the App2Go server to use the applications.  Accounts are free to VCU faculty, staff and student.  To request an account, go to request an App2Go Account.

 Available Applications

Each application on the App2Go server has a limit on the number of concurrent users.

Users Applications Users Applications
   5 Amos    5 SAS-Base SAS * [plus add-on modules]
   5 Atlas.ti    5     SAS/Access to PC File Formats *
        5     SAS Enterprise Guide
   5 IDL *    5     SAS/Connect *
   5 JMP *    5     SAS/EIS *
   5 MathType *    5     SAS/ETS *
   5 MathCad    5     SAS/Graph *
   5 Mathematica    5     SAS/IML *
   18 MATLAB
   5     SAS/Insight *
   7    MATLAB Communications Toolbox
   5     SAS/LAB *
   7    MATLAB Control System Toolbox
   5     SAS/OR *
   7    MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox    5     SAS/QC *
   7    MATLAB Neural Network Toolbox    5     SAS/STAT *
   7    MATLAB Optimization Toolbox    3 Scientific Workplace
   7    MATLAB RF Toolbox    5 SigmaPlot *
   7    MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox    - IBM SPSS Base  * [plus add-on modules]
   7    MATLAB Simulink    -     IBM SPSS Advanced *
   7    MATLAB Statistics Toolbox    -     IBM SPSS Bootstrapping *
   7    MATLAB Symbolic Math Toolbox    -     IBM SPSS Categories *
   7    MATLAB System Identification Toolbox    -     IBM SPSS Complex Samples *
   7    MATLAB Wavelet Toolbox    -     IBM SPSS Conjoint *
   7    MATLAB Bioinformatics Toolbox    -     IBM SPSS Custom Tables *
   2 Mplus Base  [plus add-on modules]    -     IBM SPSS Data Preparation *
   2   Mplus Mixture    -     IBM SPSS Decision Tree *
   2   Mplus Multilevel
   -     IBM SPSS Direct Marketing *
   5 MaxQDAplus
   -     IBM SPSS Exact Tests *
   5 nQuery Advisor + nTerim*
   -     IBM SPSS Forecasting *
   6 NVivo
   -     IBM SPSS Missing Value Analysis *
   3 OriginPro    -     IBM SPSS Neural Networks *
   5 Prism #    -     IBM SPSS Regression Models *
       5 Stata

 * These applications may be available for installation on your own Windows workstation.   Some are fee based and others are free.   Most are available by download.

# Licensed for on-campus use only. 


The software available on the App2Go server may only be used by current VCU faculty, staff and students for VCU related research work only. The App2Go server is licensed to support 25 concurrent users, limiting the use to 25 people on the App2Go server at one time.   Due to this limitation, the App2Go server is for RESEARCH purpose only and NOT intended for instructional use.

 Server Specification

The App2Go Citrix server is a server farm consisting of two servers. Both have quad core 3.00 Ghz processors and 16GB ram.

Additional Information & Support

If you have questions or need additional infomormation on the App2Go Server, please contact the VCU helpIT Center at 828-2227 or


This article was updated: 02/11/2015

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