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VCU Guest Wireless

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VCU Guest Wireless available for all visitors to the VCU campus. The network supports MS Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), and Android devices including Kindle and Nook ebook readers. When trying to reach the Internet on your computer or mobile device for the first time from a VCU campus, look for the VCU Guest Wireless SSID in the list of networks presented. Select the VCU Guest Wireless network and a log-in page will present. Read the terms and conditions, accept them by entering your email address and you are logged in and ready to go.

As this is a free service, there are always caveats. This new wireless network requires you to follow the log-in process each time you attach to the network. It is also important to remember that this is unsecured connection. This service should not be used to send or receive sensitive information. The Internet outside of VCU and public facing VCU Web sites will be available to those who use this wireless network. Internal VCU resources such as network shares are not available on VCU Guest Wireless. For accessing secured VCU resources, please use VCU SafeNet Wireless.

Permitted Services

The following services are permitted on the VCU Guest Wireless network. This list is not exhaustive and exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis:

OpenVPN 2.0
IPSec VPN (via NAT-T)
Cisco IPSec VPN over TCP
Passive (S)FTP