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VCU Wireless Network

VCU SafeNet Wireless

SafeNet Wireless is the way to get online at VCU without those bulky network cables. This service provides the VCU community with a safe, encrypted online experience that applies a higher level of security to wireless computing. But the advantages of SafeNet Wireless do not stop there. After the initial setup you are not required to log back in to the service every time you attach to the VCU SafeNet Wireless network. You will only be asked to sign back in to the service if your eID password has changed.

Connect to VCU SafeNet Wireless

  • The easiest, fastest way to connect to VCU Safenet is to visit this webpage on your computer or mobile device. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android, and other Internet capable devices are supported. The SafeNet Wireless cloud configuration tool will determine your operating system and walk you through the steps to quickly get you connected to SafeNet Wireless. At this time, the latest Windows cellphone operating system, Windows Phone 8, is not supported. If you are using a cellphone with the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system, please contact the VCU helpIT Center (828-2227, for assistance.
  • Windows users who experience problems with setting up their computer to run on SafeNet using the link above can download the VCU SafeNet Wireless Windows Client (XP, Vista, Windows 7)
  • SafeNet for Mac OS X
  • SafeNet for iPhone 
  • SafeNet googleAndroid
  • SafeNet for Linux

If you have any problems, please contact the VCU helpIT Center for assistance.

NOTE: If you are unable to connect to SafeNet Wireless you may still use the old "VCU" wireless network to connect to a wireless network.  The old VCU wireless network is still available for use by anyone in the VCU Community with an eID. However, the VCU wireless network does not provide the level of encryption that SafeNet Wireless provides and should not be used for activities such as online purchases or banking. Should you decide to use this wireless network you will see an  SSID of "VCU" when you activate the wireless network device. Once you connect to this wireless network you will have to open a browser which will in turn prompt you to enter your eID and password before you can continue. The old wireless network is slated to be shut down in December 2013.

VCU Guest Wireless

VCU Guest Wireless available for all visitors to the VCU campus. The network supports MS Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), and Android devices including Kindle and Nook ebook readers. When trying to reach the Internet on your computer or mobile device for the first time from a VCU campus, look for the VCU Guest Wireless SSID in the list of networks presented. Select the VCU Guest Wireless network and a log-in page will present. Read the terms and conditions, accept them by entering your email address and you are logged in and ready to go.

As this is a free service, there are always caveats. This new wireless network requires you to follow the log-in process each time you attach to the network. It is also important to remember that this is unsecured connection. This service should not be used to send or receive sensitive information. The Internet outside of VCU and public facing VCU Web sites will be available to those who use this wireless network. Internal VCU resources such as network shares are not available on VCU Guest Wireless. For accessing secured VCU resources, VCU SafeNet, see below, is the appropriate service which requires a VCU eID and password

This article was updated: 09/25/2013

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