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Sending VCU Secure Email

This procedure only applies to mail currently sent by faculty and staff to external domains.

Faculty physicians in the School of Medicine will have their email automatically scanned for ePHI and HIPAA related data.  If any content is found, it will be automatically encrypted to external recipients.

Mail sent to the or will automatically be decrypted.

In order to send encrypted mail to VCU students, their address must be used.  To send to a student's address - use their eID found in their email address, and substitute for

Sending VCU Secure Email

  • To send a secure VCU Email from your preferred Notes client, add  EITHER "zixmail", in lower case, or the word "secure" in lower case, in your Email subject line.  You can continue to type in the remaining text of the subject line, recipient list and message body as needed.

These are examples of how to send a secure message:            


  • The recipient will receive an Email with directions, and a link to view the secure message.

  • The external contact must create a VCU Secure Message Center account at or log in with existing credentials (created previously) to view the secure message.  See the Section on Receiving VCU Secure Mail
  • Once logged into the VCU Secure Message Center, the secure message will be displayed with options to view attachments, reply, forward, delete and save messages.

This article was updated: 07/2/2013

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