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Sending VCU Secure Email

Send/Receive Encrypted Mail


When you need to secure your email with encryption, you may type either the keywords “secure” or “zixmail” in the subject line of your email message.  This forces the email to be routed through the university’s Zixmail encryption service.  Those external recipients of these emails (those users outside of the university such as or or another university), will be required to login to Zixmail to read their email.  Email that is sent with this method between, or will not require an additional login as the email is encrypted/decrypted on the fly.


  1. Type the word secure or zixmail in the subject line of your email as shown below:


  1. The recipient of the email will see the following in the content of the email:

The recipient may then either click the Open Message button or the link included to access the email.  Upon first access to Zixmail, users will be prompted to create a secure password to create their account, then use this in the future to access encrypted email.


  1. Upon first connecting to Zixmail, the user must register for an account with their email address and create a password as shown belo



  1. Once the password is entered, the email is available.  It may be replied to, forwarded, or deleted.

  1. The email will remain in the secured Zix account unless deleted for future reference.

This article was updated: 04/4/2016