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Notification Options


The system will send a text message to your cell phone or pager when new messages are left in your mailbox.  You can decide if you want all messages to trigger a text or only specific type of messages (urgent or messages from a specific subscriber).  You then decide when to dial into your mailbox to retrieve your messages.


The system will offer callers the opportunity to locate you and speak with you directly.  It will use a list of phone numbers that you provide, to locate you based on schedules that you have established. 

For example, if you are an on-call doctor and a patient or service is trying to reach you during the weekend the system can be set up to call your cell phone first and your home phone next. If the system cannot locate you it can be programmed to allow callers to leave you a message.


Enables the system to call you when a message is left in your mailbox that meets certain criteria that you establish.  For example, you may wish to be notified on your cell phone when you receive an urgent message during your morning commute.  Unlike Find Me, Call Me will not connect you with the caller.  It will invite you to log into your mailbox to listen to the message.


Notification options are set up by establishing and combining Schedules and Phone Lists.  These are then paired with Rules to activate the notification options. Schedules are shared by Find Me, Call Me and Notify Me. Lists are shared by Find Me and Call Me. Once they are created they can be applied to any of these options.

Access to the web component from off campus requires Virtual Private Network (VPN) a free secure remote access method provided by VCU for faculty and staff who need to connect to resources on the VCU network. It is required that this Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology be used from any remote location. For more information on VPN click here.

This article was updated: 09/12/2013