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JumpStart Program Procedure

Procedure Statement and Purpose:
The JumpStart program is for first-time faculty/instructor users of Blackboard. The purpose of the program is to provide faculty/instructors with an easy entry into using Blackboard.

Who Should Read this Procedure?
Faculty/Instructors at VCU who have never used Blackboard or created a Blackboard course.

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Technology Services IT Support Center:


Responsibilities of First-time Faculty/Instructor User of Blackboard

I. The first-time faculty/instructor user of Blackboard will:


a. Submit a Remedy (IT Support Center) ticket that include: Course ID (ex. ACCT-101-001), an attached Word document version of the syllabus, contact information, and staff information (staff information is optional).

b. To create a Remedy ticket go to the VCU IT Support Center.


Responsibilities of Technology Services Learning Systems, End-User Support

II. The Learning Systems group in Technology Services will:


a. Create a new course shell for the faculty/instructor making the request.

b. Upload the course syllabus.

c. Provide instructions via VCU email informing the faculty/instructor of the next steps that need to be taken in order to benefit further from the system. The next step will include basic information for the following items:

  • Logging into Blackboard
  • Making a Bb course available
  • How to add/remove buttons
  • How to add documents
  • How to use the Grade Center
  • Where to get Bb Tip Sheets
  • How to use online Bb FAQs
  • How to use the Content Management System (CMS)
  • Where to find additional help

d. Follow-up

  • User will receive a follow-up via their VCU email within one business week.

This article was updated: 04/13/2016