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Course/Organization Management

Overall, a course and an organization have the same functions.

Course vs. Organization

  • Courses have a fixed start and end date; Organizations are "Open Ended."
  • Faculty can create their own courses, whereas, users must put in an IT Support Center ticket to request that an organization be created.
  • Only Faculty and Staff can request creation of an organization.  If a student needs to create an organization, a faculty member's eID and enrollment as a "Co-Leader" must be included in the request.
  • Courses are automatically populated via the banner enrollment file; Leaders must manually enroll users to their organization.
  • Course and Organization user roles have different names but the same privileges.
    • Faculty vs Leader
    • Student vs Participant
    • Teaching Assistant vs Assistant
    • Course Builder vs Organization Builder
    • Grader vs Grader
    • Guest vs Guest
  • Courses are automatically archived after a period of time; Organization, currently (this could possibly change) are not deleted until requested by the Leader(s).
  • Courses can be merged/crosslisted with other courses or sections; Organizations cannot be merged/cross-listed.
  • Courses usually have assessments and grades and that is usually not the case in an organization. Although, Organizations do have a grade center the same as a Course and is capable of the same features.

Note: In this section, if something is not otherwise stated for an organization, it is safe to assume the course and organization works the exact same way.

This article was updated: 04/18/2016