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Blackboard Help and Documentation for Students

Blackboard FAQs (Knowledge Base) – The Blackboard FAQs provide faculty and students access to the most frequently asked questions, provide step by step instructions on the most common features in Blackboard, and highlight those functions unique to VCU’s Blackboard System. Additional information on the use of Blackboard is available for students in the Blackboard User Manual.

Blackboard Manual - The Blackboard User Manual is a document prepared by Blackboard, Inc., which provides a generic overview of the functionality and features of the Blackboard Learning System. To access the Blackboard User Manual, select a course, go to the Tools button, and click User Manual.

Blackboard Help - If your questions have not been answered by the Blackboard FAQs or the user manual, contact the VCU Help Desk by submitting an online self-service support ticket or call 804-828-2227.


If you still need additional help, please go to the Content System tab in Blackboard and select Institution Content. You will find a vast supply of helpful Screen Casts (short videos), Tip Sheets, and Manuals that you are able to download and/or print.

This article was updated: 07/2/2013

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