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Notes Client Install PC 8.5.1

Notes Client Install PC 8.5.1

Please review ALL of the following instructions before beginning the installation process. These instructions only appear to be lengthy because we have provided you with step-by-step screen prints of each of the dialogs you will encounter during installation.

Notes 8.5.1 - Detailed system requirements - Notes Client 8.5.1 Standard Configuration

Microsoft Windows
Supported versions

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3
  • Microsoft Windows XP for Tablet PC
  • Microsoft Windows Vista: Enterprise, Ultimate, and Business Editions:
  • Microsoft Windows Vista for Tablet PC
  • Microsoft Windows 7


  • Intel® Pentium® or higher and compatibles, or equivalents
  • Windows XP - Pentium 4, 1.2 GHz, or higher
  • Windows Vista - Pentium 4, 1.2 GHz, or higher


  • Windows XP - 1 GB, or more strongly recommended
  • Windows Vista - 1 GB minimum; 1.5 GB, or more strongly recommended
  • Disk space
  • Install directory (C:\) - 900 MB, or more recommended


  • TCP/IP

Please note: Prior to installing Notes, Lotus Notes staff in Collaboration Services will have provided you with the ID file and password for your client software. You cannot connect the Lotus Notes client software to the VCU Domino servers without your ID file and password. Please note that your Lotus Notes ID file's initial password is different from the eID password. Please submit a Remedy support ticket at, choosing Remedy Requester - Lotus Notes Request - Request for ID File or Password. Be sure you've allowed popups in your browser. Your ID file and password will be sent to your account which you can access from VCU Mail Anywhere.

If you are reinstalling Notes, or if you are installing Notes on a secondary machine on campus, or you are installing Notes at home, you must have a copy of your ID file in order to complete the installation and connection with the Domino servers from your existing workstation. The Lotus Notes software will not allow you to connect with your mail on the Domino servers unless you have your ID file. In some cases, your ID file may be a variation of your name (e.g., if you are named Joe Public, it may be It is found on your hard drive in your Notes\Data folder. Use Windows Explorer to open your Notes folder, then the Data folder, then copy the file to a diskette or thumb drive.

For reinstalls, do NOT simply copy the Notes folder from the old hard drive and paste it into the new hard drive. ALWAYS perform a clean installation and carry over only those files that are absolutely necessary (specifically, the ID file).

To have your Address book contacts and groups in your reinstallation you should first Synchronize your Address Book.

From your existing installation. follow these instructions to sync

Once Notes is reinstalled, you can perform these instructions to sync to add your contacts to the local client address book.


Your user profile must have local administrator rights to your workstation to install Notes. If your user profile does not have admin rights, contact your regular PC support staff. The client must be installed under a profile with administrator rights. After installation, if the user profile does not have admin rights, then the security settings on the Notes folder and its sub-folders must be changed to permit the user profile full rights.

Please note the following related to Client installs on Windows VISTA and Windows 7

In order for the Notes Install to complete properly, User Account Control (UAC) must be turned off in Windows VISTA and Windows 7. You must have Administrator rights in order to perform this function.

1. Turn User Account Control (UAC) off:

Select Start (lower left hand corner)

Double-click to open the Control Panel and,

choose 'User Accounts'

choose Change User Account Control settings

- Select "Never Notfy"

- Press OK and restart the computer.

Prior to installing any software, we do recommend that you RESTART your computer.

Remember, the Windows installation for Notes is in a .zip file. After you have downloaded the file, be certain to EXTRACT its contents to a folder on your desktop. Then CLOSE the .zip file. Open the open the Notes851 for VCU folder containing the extracted files, and run the setup.exe from there.

Double-click thesetup.exe file.

For Windows VISTA and Windows 7

  • You must use the Lotus Notes 8.5.1 Windows Installer, otherwise it will not create a data folder.

  • Install this application for:
    • Select Only for me (Single User Install)

  • Change the install program files to:
    • C:\Notes
  • Change the install data files to:
    • C:\Notes\Data

Click NEXT

Confirm that I accept the terms in the license agreement is selected
Click Next

If you wish to have Windows consider Notes to be your default email application, leave all boxes checked
Click Install

For Windows 7 installs, if you do not see a data files path, you have not run the correct installer. Please cancel and run Windows Installer.

Click NEXT

Click Finish

Once the installation of the 8.5.1 Client has completed, double-click the Lotus Notes 8.5 shortcut icon to configure Lotus Notes and connect to your mail.


On the IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1 Client Configuration dialog click Next:

Customer Information:

Enter your name and organization, and click Next. 

User Information:

Enter your name as registered in the Notes Data Directory (i.e. Susan P Name not Sue Name)

Enter your Domino server (this is your homemail server and will be either ASPEN, ASPEN2, ASPEN3, etc. or OAK, OAK2, OAK3, etc.)

and click Next.

If Notes is unable to find YOUR SERVER, it may ask you how you wish to connect to the Domino server.
ALWAYS--whether you are in the office or at home--ALWAYS choose "Set up a connection to a local area network (LAN)." Click Next.

In the Domino Server Network Information dialog, set each of the options below:

Click Next.
You must be connected to the internet/network in order to access the Lotus Notes servers.

If you are using any sort of firewall software, the following Notes files
must be allowed to connect to the internet:
  • naldaemn.exe
  • napdaemn.exe
  • ncompact.exe
  • ndyncfg.exe
  • nhttp.exe
  • nlnotes.exe
  • nnntpcl.exe
  • notes.exe
  • nsenddiag.exe
  • nweb.exe
  • nwrdaemn.exe


If this is a re-installation or home installation, you musthave a copy your Lotus Notes ID file:

Notes will prompt you to supply the ID file.

Click the Browse button:

Navigate to and select your file. Click Open.

Click Yes.

Enter your password and click Log In:

On the IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.1
Client Configuration dialog. Click Next.

Select Use the Default

Notes installation is now complete.

Please complete the client configuration following these steps: Notes Client Workstation Configuration for the PC and Mac

This article was updated: 02/23/2015

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