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Mail File Cleanup

Moving to a new system is the perfect opportunity to clean up.  First, review our GoneGoogle page for some structural information you need to know.  Then, prior to your migration to appsforVCU powered by Google, perform the requested cleanup.  Go ahead, get started, we'll be moving soon! 

Mailfile cleanup may best be accomplished using the Lotus Notes client software or VCU Mail Anywhere.  We strongly discourage large deletions or moves of data via IMAP clients.  Performing any cleanup via an IMAP client needs to be done in small amounts to avoid your mailfile being locked on the server, causing new mail delivery to halt and a server outage.  To avoid disruption to the entire user community, please clean up using the recommended methods.

Inbox, Folders or All Documents Cleanup Strategies

  • Prefer to clean everything up at once?  Choose your All Documents view.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  deleting from this view removes a document everywhere, as this view displays All Documents!  Only want to take it one folder at a time?  Start with your Inbox, your Sent view, then your individual folders.  Choose your strategy and get started. 


  • Sort by Sender with a click on the Who column.  Scroll through and identify documents no longer needed.  Select the top document - hold your Shift key - select the bottom document.  Press delete key, right click to delete, drag to trash, or click your trash can - whatever it takes, get it in the trash.  Or in the Notes client, you may drag checkmarks from top to bottom, bottom to top, or pick and choose.  Using a web browser--hold your CTRL key to select specific documents.  Easier to identify by Subject?  Simply click Subject to sort alphabetically by subject.


  • Size does matter!  Documents larger than 17 MB will not migrate to Google, plus attachments consume valuable resources on our storage systems.  Chances are, many of your attachments are already saved locally, to shared drives, or photos and publications are available at other locations.  You may even have the same attachment multiple times in your mailfile!  Need to keep the email but delete the attachment?  Using the Notes client, simply double click the email to put it in edit mode, highlight the attachment, right click - delete - Save and close.  Your email is saved but the attachment is removed.  To find the largest attachments quickly, click your Size column and move to the top where the largest documents are found.


Note: If you use Mozilla Thunderbird, deleting an email may not truly remove it from your mailfile or put it in the Trash.  To avoid having emails you have deleted migrated to Google, you will need to compact your folders in Thunderbird.  To do this, go to File->Compact Folders

Contacts Cleanup

All contacts must name a last name for your migration to complete.  Please review your contacts, click on Name column to sort by name, update those with no last name.

Folder Cleanup

  • Please review information related to Folders in Notes vs. Labels in Gmail in our Ready? article.
  • Need to rename, move or remove a folder to meet Google criteria?  Simply highlight the folder, right click, choose your option, and proceed.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Removing a folder removes the parent folder and all children underneath!  Your documents are not deleted, the folder is simply removed.  Documents will then be located in All Documents. 

  • Need to move a folder?  Simply left click and hold - drag until you see a solid black line - then drop.

  •  Feel overwhelmed with your folders?  Contact Doctor Notes and we will run a folder audit of your mailfile, producing a list of your folders and how many documents are in each.


Calendar and To Do Cleanup

  • Ready to clear your old schedule?  From your Calendar in the Notes client, click More > Calendar Cleanup at the top of the calendar. Select Entries older than and specify a time range, or select Entries occurring before and specify a date. Select Calendar entries, To Do entries, or both.

  • Prefer to pick and choose which entries are removed?  Switch to the Calendar Entries view in the Notes client, where you can select individual entries to delete.









This article was updated: 11/21/2013

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