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Configuration - Google Apps for iOS Devices

Uninstall Lotus Notes Traveler

 Select Settings ->General

Scroll down and select Profile

Select the option to Remove

Select Remove

Follow these instructions to set up your VCU email on your iOS device 

With an iOS device, you have two options for setting up your VCU email.   Setting it up via Google Sync is recommended (Settings-Mail,Contacts,Calendars-Add Account-Microsoft Exchange) which will sync your mail, contacts and calendar, and you will also have the option for push notification.  If you set it up as a Gmail account (Settings-Mail,Contacts,Calendars-Add Account-Gmail), you will be able to sync only your mail and calendar with your device. Your contacts will not sync in this configuration.

Google Sync

1. Open the Settings application on your device's home screen.

2. Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3. Press Add Account....

4. Select Microsoft Exchange. iOS 4.0+ allows multiple Exchange accounts. However, if you're on a device that doesn't let you add a second account, you could also use CalDAV to sync Google Calendar and IMAP to sync Gmail.    Enter Account Info

5. In the Email field, enter your

6. Leave the Domain field blank.

7. Enter your as the Username.

8. Enter your eID password as the Password.

 9. Tap Next at the top of your screen.

9a. Choose Cancel if the Unable to Verify Certificate dialog appears.

10. When the new Server field appears, enter

11. Press Next at the top of your screen again. 

12. Select the Google services (Mail, Calendar, and Contacts) you want to sync. To receive and respond to meeting requests on your device, both Mail and Calendar need to be turned on, and New events needs to be enabled in your Google Calendar settings.

To enable 'New events', sign in to your Google Calendar using the web browser on your phone or computer. Go to Calendar Settings > Calendars > Click on the Notifications for the calendar you want to sync. Under Email check 'New events' (and any of the other Invitation settings you want enabled e.g. changed events, cancelled events, event responses), and click Save.

13. Unless you want to delete all the existing Contacts and Calendars on your phone, select the Keep on my iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) option when prompted. This will also allow you to keep syncing with your computer via iTunes.

If you want to sync only the My Contacts group, you must choose to Delete Existing Contacts during the Google Sync install when prompted. If you choose to keep existing contacts, it will sync the contents of the All Contacts group instead. If there are no contacts on your phone, the latter will happen -- the contents of your All Contacts group will be synced. 

 You've set up Google Sync! Synchronization will begin automatically if you have Push enabled on your device. You can also open the Mail, Calendar, or Contacts app and wait a few seconds to start a sync.


Set your VCU calendar as the default calendar


1. Open the Settings application on your device's home screen.

 2. Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3.  Scroll down to Calendars.

4. Press Default Calendar.

5.  Press your VCU e-mail calendar.  A checkmark will show up beside your choice.


Gmail (no contacts)

1. Make sure you've enabled IMAP in your main Mail settings

2. Open the Settings app on your device

3. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

4. Tap Add Account...

5. Tap Gmail

6. Enter your account information, being sure to use your as your email address and your eID password for the password.

7. Tap Next

8. Tap Save


This article was updated: 06/26/2013

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