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Synchronizing Your Personal Address Book

Synchronizing your personal address book

By default, your Contacts file (usually names.nsf) is stored locally on your machine. But you can also store a copy of your Contacts in your mail file. Then, to make sure that the copy stored in your mail file remains up-to-date with the copy on your local machine, you synchronize the two files.

Why synchronize Contacts

When you allow someone else to manage your Contacts for you, the copy that you give them access to is the copy stored in your mail file. Synchronizing your Contacts ensures that they have the most current copy.

Additionally, if you use the IBM Lotus iNotes mail client as well as the Lotus Notes client, then synchronizing your contacts from the Notes client assures that both contacts lists are the same.  To confirm your contacts are available via VCU Mail Anywhere, sign in and open your Contacts.

Enabling synchronization

Before you can synchronize your Contacts, you must set a Contacts preference that enables Contacts Synchronization.

1. Click File > Preferences . Macintosh OS X users: Click Lotus Notes > Preferences.

2. Click Contacts.

3. Check the option Enable "Synchronize Contacts" on the Replicator.

4. Click OK.

Schedule Synchronizing Contacts on the Replication page

1. Select Replication and Sync.

To Synchronize contacts immediately

2. Make sure Synchronize Contacts is enabled (there should be a check in the Enabled column) and select START NOW

3. To set a schedule for replication triggers

Using this option will replicate your contacts and groups automatically based on the schedule you choose

1. Select Replication.

2. Select Schedule/Enable Scheduled Replication

3. Select Schedule/Set Replication Schedule

4. Recommended schedule is shown below, this may be adjusted based on a user's frequency of updating contacts, often once or twice during a normal workday is enough. Should you choose to replicate just when starting or shutting down the client, be aware this process must complete prior to proceeding with start up or shut down, so it may appear your client is slow while the contacts are updating in the background. Upon first sync, you will see screens as shown below.

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This article was updated: 06/26/2013

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