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Sorting Contacts by FirstLast or by LastFirst

Sorting contacts by FirstLast or by LastFirst

Sorting Contacts and Changing the Name Order Display

You can sort existing entries either by Name or Business by clicking on the appropriate column header.

You can choose how the name appears by clicking More...Preferences

Then select your preferred Name Display Preference First Name, Last Name or Last Name, First Name. Setting this preference changes the way new contact entries display.

To apply the change to existing as well as new contact documents, select Apply format to all entries.

Please Note: If you do not select Apply format to all entries, the existing contacts will maintain the existing display preference, while all newly entered contacts will use the selected display preference. This allows for mixed name display.

You can change the display format for an individual entry by changing the View Display Name Format on the Name Information tab of the specific entry.

This article was updated: 06/26/2013

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