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All VCU community members have access to a VCU provided email account. Faculty and staff email is available via Google Apps at VCU or Lotus Notes and VCU Mail Anywhere.  Student email service is available via Google Apps at VCU which provides a gateway to Google’s on-line services.  This allows faculty, staff and students to take advantage of Google’s email, productivity, and collaboration tools while maintaining their “eID” email address. myVCUmail is VCU’s implementation of Gmail for VCU student email.  AppsforVCU is VCU's implementation of Gmail for VCU faculty/staff email.

For more information concerning each of these services use the links below:

VCU provides spam protection services for all VCU email accounts. This is accomplished with devices set at the edge of the VCU network so all email entering the University is scanned for spam.  People who send spam are always trying to figure out new ways to defeat spam scanners, thus some spam email will get through.  During a recent one-week period over 67 million pieces of e-mail were identified as spam or phishing and stopped by the VCU spam scanners. This represented 98% of all spam that comes into the University. 

VCU Technology Services is always working to increase the amount of spam email that is stopped before it reaches VCU mailboxes. See the Spam Scanning article in the left-hand navigation for more information about how VCU Technology Services handles spam.

VCU community members can use email filters to control incoming email. Rules can be created to block or identify e-mail as junk and keep it from sitting in mailboxes alongside legitimate email. For more information about email filtering, please see the E-mail Filtering article in the left-hand navigation pane.

VCU Technology Services provides other e-mail services such as Listserv, Mass Mail, Generic Department/Project e-Mail and ZixMail for secure messaging. Feel free to investigate these services to determine if they might be of use to you, your department, or organization.

This article was updated: 10/30/2013

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